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SheAh Prince Eternal personally leads each program and directly works with the individuals,business leaders, etc. to understand the desired result of which they seek, and accelerate the growth they ascertain to achieve. The programs are tediously created and customized to address the specific needs and vision of the participants.
Growth Coaching: Is designed to target a plethora of issues, including emotional balancing, couples issues, individual self love, self growth, understanding the many choices of spiritual paths, LGBTQ orientation & validation, coming out at home, work, among friends, etc.,
parenting and other everyday chalenges.
We also offer workshops for individuals, couples, groups, corporate coaching and more. 
“Remember, You Are Waiting  for You” & “The Power lies within You”
                  ~by SheAh Prince Eternal
I understand that when using the personal emotional balancing approach to achieve success, the growth tools are rooted in decades of research and hands on experience of teaching, consulting and coaching. With complete determination and unquestioning resilience, we can grow in every area of our lives if we are determined to be the best us that we can be., offers coaching programs, which focus on teamwork and ensures that there is always momentum and forward movement for the client with clear outcomes for each session.
Every session paves the way and the clients experience a level of learning and development that is very intentional in its progression.
Growth Coaching is effective for people from all walks-of-life from      Stay-at-Home Parents, Home Business Owners to Small Busines.
Entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 CEOs. Professional Entertainers and Athletes, Personal Trainers, Teachers, College Students and those who are just beginning their careers can all potentially benefit from SheAh Prince Eternal Coaching.
Whether you are at the peak of your career, or an entrepreneur who needs encouragement looking to gain that extra edge or an artist, or a parent who needs that encouragement to teach your children self worth, or you just need a change in your life.................., may be just what you are looking for to help you continue to stay relevant, achieve more, and elevate your life and those around you!
Alternative Health & Wellness: Suggestions from SheAh Prince Eternal who uses his expertise and in depth training as a certified Shaman to suggest natural, healthy alternatives to achieve a loving, happier life.
Happy Memories: Funerals designed to remember the happiness your loved ones brought and the wonderful happy moments spent with them as we wish them a joyous eternity as they evolve to thier next journey.
Wedding Officiant: SheAh Prince Eternal is an ordained minister who will customize your wedding specifations including religious or non religious preferences.
Your wedding will be meaningful, fun, happy and forever memorable!
Together let's create the WEDDING of your DREAMS!
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